Monday, March 30, 2009

Being a salesperson

We all know by now that i love to create art. but i really dislike the business end of it all. This is where i want an agent (aka my husband) to come in and do the rest of it. a few days ago i answered an ad seeking handmade items for a new store opening up. we made an appointment for today. i showed up with by bin full of goodies and put them on a table for her to see. her mother was there too and the mom looked at my stuff and said "oh, how different". this is the type of comment that i can not stand. what it really means, is "huh, i don't get it". the daughter didn't say much and didn't write anything down as far as my merchandise, etc. she then says to me, "we already have someone doing mixed media work", which i thought was funny because when i originally made the appointment, she had no clue what mixed media was. now here she is throwing the word around like she's an expert..... she then said, i love your mosaics and we don't have anyone doing them.
but i'll have to tell you that the minute the mom made her comment, i was done. it's not so much that maybe they didn't like my stuff, because everyone has their own tastes. it's just that they didn't pick up anything, no examining, no realizing the materials used/recycling involved - no appreciation - and i knew that was not a store for me.
the most important part of today? is the fact that i ventured out and did something i hate doing.
now on another note. i'm sure you noticed i changed my background again. i really like the other one, but a few people mentioned to me that they felt it hard to read some of my posts when the lettering fell over the darkened areas of rust. i think this one if the perfect solution! thanks goes to gail.


  1. I don't like the "sales" part either! but good for you for stepping out there!!!

    You handled the situation very professionally...and I agree...that doesn't sound like the store for "US"!

    Now "Get back out there! Sell, Sell, Sell!" lol


  2. Oh how I hate the business end of it too and these days that seems to be all I do. If people can't get excited about our work then how can we expect them to sell it for us. sounds like you did goo and follow your instincts. ;-)


  3. Ooops, I forgot I was in your blog adding a background and posted as you! LOL So sorry sweetie!


  4. Well...if someone can't get behind your work and love it..then they can't sell it either. So your better off..even if they would have taken an order you have to think they may not have been able to promote you, create a customer loyalty base with your work or give you consistent sales. So your actually better off. You crossed the hurdle..walked through the door and chalk it up to experience. You'll find a match!

  5. Wish I could change my background on my blog (typepad) but have no clue how to do it. I think blogger is so much cooler than typepad, except that I get albums, but I have to pay for

    What a terrible experience you had, but honestly, that is the norm with what we do. You just have to find someone who does get it. That's why I like selling online. You can sell to the world and to those who do get it.

    I can't help but picture you in Conn., peddling you wares that you remember? to the English Professor? I should find that picture and send it to you. I remember laughing so hard.

    Keep up your beautiful work Kecia!!! Cherish those who do get it!

    I made my MIL a collage one year for Christmas of her dad. Her reaction to me was "this is what you sell? I would never buy anything like that". That was several years ago, but since, I've never made her another thing. NOPE, no way!!! LOL

    love ya,

  6. oh, and I forgot to say I love your new kool!

    I have to post Anonymous because I can't remember my password with blogger.

    joanna of Moss Hill Studio

  7. Gail always comes up trumps with her designs and your new background is lovely!!!

    I think we all feel trepidation about selling ourselves and promoting our work, even when we feel passionately about what we do. But you did take the step and you went to that appointment.

    As for that mother and daughter...I'm glad you decided "no", no matter what they ended up saying "yes" to -- where you sell and who you choose to take your work is as important as the other person wanting you. And if you had a bad vibe (I would have too!) then you made the right call. They just don't get it and there's no point in trying to help them "see" what you do. You'd never feel 100% comfortable about the situation. And there will be better opportunities out there!

  8. probably the kind of store that will have plastic canvas crafts anyways!

  9. Oh I so know what you are talking about! My friend and I would do local craft markets to sell our wares and people would look in with their noses turned up and say "very unusual....."
    They will probably fill the store with granny crafts and stuffed animals and you wouldn't want to be mixed up with all that anyway!
    Keep your head up! Your art is fantastic!
    I love your new background, easier to read!

  10. It's hard isn't it, to put yourself out there and not be understood.
    I live in 'Country Cute' land. And the comment I have come to dislike the most is'oh, isn't that interesting'.
    But we have to keep trying don't we?

  11. Good one, glad you held your ground. my type of woman!

  12. My favorite worst comment is when someone says: "Oh. How......clever you are..."

  13. I hate being commercial; I would much rather have people just walk up to me and ask to buy my stuff...but it's a VERY long wait for this to happen. I appreciate reading the basic black print on white; thanks.


  14. Pretty background :)

    Way to go on getting out there ! You're much braver than me, but if push came to shove then I'd do it.
    And yup, if they didn't look at my stuff either, I'm out the door too. It's frustrating always feeling like we have to explain our work, but fortunately there are lots of people who do 'get it' and love to show it off.
    I can't stand when someone says "well,uh,that's rather interesting" with their eyebrows in the air and their lips in a thin smile.
    Oh well, I'm not a fan of Picasso, so there :P

    I'm curious as to what exactly that shop does want...polyester scarves, knitted potholders, pantyhose doily dolls to hide your toilet paper ?

    It's their loss, pish posh, and there are lots of other opportunities out there. You go girl whoot !!

    Tracy ♥

  15. thanks everyone! it is so nice to be among people who do "get it" and understand what my art is about - that's the most important part to me. i'm not sure i even want to step foot in that store again, but i would like to do a "report" back later on what she is selling... we'll see!

  16. Good for you for venturing out. And that was not the place for your beautiful stuff. Like putting designer clothes in the five and dime. Your stuff is way to good for that.xoxo

  17. that is the worst feeling. i'm sorry you had that to deal with, friend. for what it's worth, think of it this way, it wasn't that they didn't like your work or get your work it is just that it isn't what they wanted. so it is about what they want. then remember that you are making what You want. that is what makes your soul sing. don't let someone else's desires cloud your creativity, joy, excitement or love of what you are doing. as much as you can, keep them separate. of course, i know this is a heck of a lot easier to write in this tiny box than to actually put into action. i make things and pile them in the floor, lean them on the wall, throw them in drawers. but it's because i don't even want to bother with taking the photos. sheesh. but, though i may be a goofball in a lot of ways, i truly believe with all my heart that you have to protect your creative spark from injury because that is what makes you full of joy. don't let anyone squash your joy, kecia! xoxo-k

  18. Your artwork is darling! Absolutely love it. :) Don't worry about the negative people, your art is too incredible not to share with the world.


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