Saturday, March 28, 2009

it's PERMIT time!

Dillon turned 16 last weekend, so Friday morning he got picked up by Carr's driving school to take him to DMV to get his permit. i can hardly believe it's that time already.


  1. When our "babies" are becoming adults doing adult things we stop and wonder where did the time go. I've got one who's 21 and one who is 17 -- the older one drives, the younger is in no hurry at the moment...but he will be. They grow so quickly!!

  2. I used to say that I wish life would keep them "babies" when they are about three (after the terrible twos)and keep them there until they are old enough (that is when we thought they would be old enough) to leave the nest.

    My Mother used to say that the best way to mother was to give your children roots and wings. I practiced that, and she was right.

  3. OMG, That is Exciting and Nerve Wracking at the same time. Good for him and all of you.. Gosh how fast our kids grow up. Emily honestly can't wait until she is 16 in a few years and gets to learn to drive. Ugh...


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