Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Key swap

I'm in a key themed swap with my Charmsters group, hosted by my friend, Laurel. In addition to my key, i chose to pair the key with a tiny little house (aka Monopoly hotel)). i collaged the little houses while i was with Pam in Florida (great rainy day project). i even ran out of houses, so we decided to hit a thrift store for a monopoly game, which we found - so that was cool to be able to finish them. i also added the word sweet, as in "home sweet home" (Pam's suggestion was for me to use the word "foreclosure"!) just need to get them packaged and they'll be ready to go.
i'm almost read to start sorting the ornaments for the Easter swap i am hosting. just waiting on a few more boxes.
my laptop is still down. guess i'll call Dell tomorrow. just haven't had time since getting back home. but i did get our new computer for downstairs ordered (with XP pre installed!). tomorrow i will post some pictures of my booth for Artnsoul, Hampton. i've been designing it over the last few days. since i am driving, i will be able to bring fun stuff to make a really fun and creative booth.


  1. hi Kecia! cant wait to see all the sweet easter ornaments from your swap! the key charms are cute.. great idea to use the monopoly pieces!
    have a great night!

  2. Love the key charms! And I think you friend was right about "foreclosure"...sad but true! Did I miss the Easter swap?

  3. You're DRIVING to Portland for the vendor night? OMG!!!

  4. Ahhh I'm so envious you get to go to ArtnSoul :P I'm sure you'll have just an awful time lol ! NOT ! I'm wishing you a fun filled sparkly time with tons of laughing.

    Those keys are sweet :) Ooh I can see them paired with vintage rhinestone danglies. What a great idea using the monopoly houses.

    Have a super weekend. Can't wait to see your other treasures.
    Tracy ♥

  5. (Laurel, no, she is not unfortunately. She meant Virginia, but we all wish she would have meant Portland, sigh...)

    Kecia dear, miss you girlfriend, I wish I could have come with you to see my PamPam, but maybe you still will make the trip West, yes? Love the keys btw and I have my Easter tree ready too, can't wait to put it up.


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