Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Boca, Florida

I am home from my visit with Pam. we had such a nice time even through all the rain. what did we do when it was raining? we did art, what else? Once when we ran out, Pam pointing out where Chris Evert lives and then she looked ahead of us on the road and said, "i think that's her" (she recognized her car). so we pulled up beside her and i snapped this pic. (papparazzi!)


One morning the sun came out so we decided to head over to the beach. we weren't there 10 minutes when the wind kicked up and a nasty storm front moved in. we couldn't believe it. it was gorgeous one minute, dark and ominous the next. so we ate lunch at the beach club hoping it would disspate. after lunch we ventured outside to take a few pics. it was COLD and WINDY, so we didn't last long.

my reflection in pam's car. looked like a funhouse mirror

back at the house we did some painting and collage.


  1. There's nothing more disappointing then having a little time at the beach, and then not being able to enjoy it to the max. Weather can be so fickle...beautiful one minute, gloomy dull the next. The art looked like fun though!

  2. It really wasn't beach weather when I went to Miam at the beginning of the month, but it was so much better than Michigan weather, I still loved it. I particularly like the photo of your painted hand - and I love the treasures you found at the flea market.



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