Thursday, March 26, 2009

booth for Artnsoul

pictures of my booth for Artnsoul in May. once i get everything priced, i'll pack it all back up. on top of the booth are these great metal baskets (for sale) that i purchased. they are old locker room pool baskets.

this is my favorite lamp and it used to be in my bedroom. i was sorry when it died. since it is vintage, we had a hard time fixing it. but, i still did not want to throw it away. so the other day when i saw it in my basement, i thought, that might look cute at my booth. i'm glad i can still use it in some way.


  1. I love it!!!!!! I love the aprons as a table skirt--nice touch!

  2. your booth will look great! hey, I bet you can get that lamp rewired or even do it yourself!
    I dont think its to hard.

  3. You are going to do GREAT!! Your booth is sooo fun! I wish I could go.

  4. It looks so beautiful Kecia! I saw our work is on the same page in Somerset Life- how fun!
    Next time you want warm sun- come stay with me in Phoenix where the sun always shines!

  5. Your booth is great. I can't believe you can pack it all and take it away. Great display!!

  6. Hi Kecia,
    I have nominated you for A Lemonade Award, because I like what you make and I think that your creations are a great inspiration!
    Find more on my blog:


  7. I'm sorry, Kecia, let me try again:

    I think you might actually need to copy/ paste the link, I had the same thing happening with my 'nominator'...


  8. Best of luck with your show. And yes, keep me in mind for your next swap. I'd love to play :0) Liking the new look to the blog too. I'm still working on a makeover. Kinda got stuck in a rut. You're good inspiration!!

  9. Absolutely Fabulous Dahling :) It looks like a little room, all you need is a big comfy chair, blanket and some tasty tea.

    What fun to be a part of ArtnSoul !

    For your lamp, maybe put a string of little Christmas lights inside the shade, paint the cord white and plug 'em in. Oh you musn't forget to hang some chandelier crystals around the shade too, no, no, can't forget those !
    ( or wrap the cord around the pole and then cover with a piece of creamy faux velvet. Have one of your pretty framed collages leaning or hanging on the pole just below the shade )

  10. Hi Kecia,
    wow, it looks are
    so organized...amazing!


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