Friday, March 27, 2009

soldering class today

today i taught my first soldering class to my new acquaintenance, Stephanie. we met when she ordered a soldered bracelet from me. she expressed interest in learning, so i said, "i'd be happy to teach you". it was a great experience as it taught me things to look for, situations to encounter and to remember that what comes easy to me, isn't so easy for the person who has never done it! we worked our way thru a couple easy soldering situations and then onto a harder project. i found myself really tired when we were done, since i usually don't talk that much! and it found it hard to try and teach without sounding bossy or impatient (even though i wasn't feeling that way, but felt like maybe i was coming across that way..) things to work on....
by the way, the picture is an old class photo of my dad when he was little. he'll read this, so dad, how old are you in the picture?


  1. i am taking a soldering class tomorrow! me and 4 friends asked a local stainglass store to hold a private workshop and she said yes- she'll teach us to solder charms and such - not stain the stain glass technique. I can't wait. I have all the soldering stuff and a couple of books (SallyJean) but its like a child trying to drive a car- i need some lessons! great you are teaching!

  2. i am sure you were a fab teacher and what a great idea to have a few dry runs before the actual big will be perfect!

  3. I'm sitting around (snowed in!)Learnign about facebooks "Networked Blogs". I am getting it slowly...
    I have been doing real good with soldered necklaces but I was using leaded solder. I decided it would be better to switch to the lead free solder and gezzzz - it's so different! I even bought a $100.00soldering iron and it still looks like...well crap! I'm about ready to just use leaded or give up!
    Anyway I'm going to add you to my follw list on Networked Blogs..see you there!

    Have a great hair day! Becci

  4. I agree with Kim, you will be perfect. Just being concerned about being bossy or impatient will make you the perfect instructor.xoxo

  5. I think one of the hardest things about teaching is having patience. It is hard to remember sometimes that things creative don't come easily to everyone.
    I wish I could take a class from you.


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