Wednesday, April 1, 2009


some goodies from my working stash

i was working with some resin and i thought the coloring looked cool. so i took this shot looking down into the glass. i like how it distorted things in the background.


miss kirby got a haircut, but she's been a little chilly. so she's wearing a t-shirt til it warms up more.

my studio mascot, miss lily. as i working the other day i felt like someone was watching me and when i looked up, there was lily behind my screen staring at me!

yesterday i met an old college friend, Jeanine, in Red Bank for lunch. we haven't seen each other since 1988 when i graduated college and headed west. we reconnected through Facebook and realized we were both in NJ. we had a nice time catching up and laughing about college days, sorority stuff, old boyfriends. it was fun.


  1. How cool is that! I'm going to have to get on FACEBOOK.

    Where is everybody finding those little white dolls?


  2. OOOOHHH!!! Your stash made me drool LOL!!

  3. how great is that must have been nice.
    nice stash lovey

  4. I'm am loving the dark hair!

  5. Look how beautiful you are....and the sun is shining....Yay! Glad you had a nice time. xoxo

  6. i know, we actually had some sunshine! that's reason enough to feel happy!

  7. Isn't it fun to work with resin and see what comes of it. It looks like Miss Lily is intrigued with what you are doing. or she's just looking to you for some attention. That's what my kitties do. Wonder into my studio and start meowing at me. Oh my.


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