Friday, April 17, 2009

an art friend needs our help

I've mentioned, Joanna, before. She's a lovely artist and now an online instructor. she and her husband, Ron, have been going through some tough times (just like alot of Americans right now). Ron was laid off his job and they lost their medical insurance. Joanna herself, is into her 2nd year of recovery from breast cancer. Having lost her mother within the last year, she's been through much emotionally. Now, Ron, has been diagnosed with a massive brain tumor. unless he receives surgery to remove it, he 's been told he won't live a month. they had been battling the heathcare system for weeks trying to get an MRI and now are going through the same fight all over again to try and get him covered for surgery. i'm asking anyone, even if it's $5 to donate to them through "chip in". please understand that every little bit will help. i realize any amount won't cover a medical bill, but she's going to have living expenses if they do indeed head of to San Francisco for his surgery. Many years ago, i too went through an unthinkable tragedy that threw me and my husbands life into utter chaos. if it weren't for the kindess of family, friends and strangers, i don't know what we would have done. i know the stress, fear, sadness and lonliness she is feeling right now. and i can tell you that JoAnna won't feel right about this. she doesn't like to accept money, but tough! there is only so much a person can shoulder. we need to help them.


  1. I would be happy to help. But I would rather send a check or cash. Can I?

  2. Thanks for bringing this to our attention. What a rough situation. I have added the "Chip In" widget to my blog and I reference your post to explain the situation. So far, the donations seem quite good.

  3. My prayers are with her, her husband and family!


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