Monday, April 20, 2009


so a couple more days and i am out of here - heading to gorgeous San Diego. i have a few days to play and then 2 days of painting and fun with miss suzi blu. i think i am most excited for the sunshine. (unless a little black rain cloud plans of following me over there - which i won't be happy about....)

i'm still soliciting handmade cards of well wishes for JoAnna and Ron (see previous 2 posts). (and check out how great the fund is doing) i'd like to get a bunch of them! i've got a pretty box to put the cards in. any cards that arrive while i am gone, jeff will put into the box for me. right now my card is the only one in there and it's kind of lonely, but i know some are on the way- yay, thanks! (the picture above is the card i made them). email me at and i'll tell you where to send the cards. thanks.


the other day, jeff and i went for a walk on the beach since it was actually sunny. on the way back home we drove by a pond and i saw some egrets (from a distance it looked like 2 egrets and a bunch of seagulls). so as we got closer, we realized it was not only 2 big egrets - but also 8 baby egrets! talk about a treat. of course, i did not have my camera with me and had an appointment to get to. so i had jeff go get my camera and after picking me up from my appt., we went back to see if they still were. yes! they were so fun to watch.

this picture was one of a few where i actually got all of them in one shot. so there's 2 parents and 8 babies.


  1. Hey! It's always great to stop by your blog :-) Thanks so much for the kind words and the great ideas.:-) I was actually wondering where to get those old cupboards- maybe I need to go to more rural areas- here in the city there is not much. Have a great time in San Diego! Here is soooo rainy!

  2. OH MAN!! You get to go play with Suzi Blu?? I am sooo jealous! I just found her on U Tube and she's sooo funny and inspiring. You are going to have the best time ever.

  3. Be glad you're not in SoCal today - it's 99 degrees here in LA! Supposed to cool off considerably by Friday, but you never know.....see you on Friday!


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