Tuesday, August 19, 2008

manikin makeover

i wasn't too keen on how my manikin, Coco, turned out when i worked on it before. something about just wasn't working for me. so i've been fiddling with her a bit. i think it's because her bottom half is askwed, so i added a vintage slip that i cut out of another skirt and then put some tulle over it. i also dry brushed the torso with white and then taupe and then a glaze to soften it a bit. a bit of vintage lace trim is wrapped around her waist. she's much more glam now.


  1. I love your style. Your work is amazing! Have a great day.

    All the best,

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  2. Coco looks exquisite in her new regalia. My dear you have done a wonderful job at bringing her to her past glory and she is rewarding you by looking magnificent. Again, applause, applause.

  3. She's practically a diva now! Such exquisite taste she has!

  4. Now she looks downright sexy!


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