Sunday, August 17, 2008

flea market frenzy

I created this necklace today by using pieces that i got at the flea market this weekend. it was fun to see what i could come up. the focal point of the Madonna is quite chunky and measures
2 3/4" in diameter. i was calling it my "flavor flav" piece after that dude who wears those ridicoulously enourmous clocks around his neck. he was in that really stupid reality tv show with Brigette Nielsen for awhile (oh, you didn't see it? it was so excellent!)


  1. Love this piece! So pretty!


  2. What gorgeous piece and what gorgeous finds! Elegant and soft, it has a serious "antique" quality about it. You did a great job both finding the components and creating the piece. Applause, applause!

  3. Itis FABULOUS Kecia! I love the size!


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