Monday, August 4, 2008

heading out to Chicago tomorrow

Okay, blogger is really starting to annoy me. first they locked me out of my blog last week and now i can't load pictures. (yes, it is the end of the world, come on!)

anyway, i am getting up at 4:00am to catch my shuttle by 5:30am to get up to Newark. I am flying into Chicago where my friend, Zhulia will pick me up. we are hanging out for a few days before driving to Wisconsin for 3 days to take classes with Nina Bagley. can't wait!



  1. have fun!! when you come back check my blog.. I posted a new swap if your interested!
    and if your not.. stop by anyways!Hugs!!

  2. I forgot to mention how beautiful your bottle top necklace is !
    I've just posted some shots of my grandmothers beach glass collection --and this is just a small sample too ! She has over 30 years worth of the stuff and oh how it is beautiful.
    The bottle necks I found were from a nearby beach last summer, so I've got to get back there again soon before the bushes really get too thick.

    The doll in the bottle neck works perfectly, what imagination Kecia :)


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