Saturday, August 23, 2008

bead fest cont'd

just some pictures from the bead show vendor area. talk about crazy and over whelming. people every where, crowded and serious beaders looking for their wares - don't get in their way! i found it really overstimulating, the lights were so bright and the "old lady perfume smell" just about did me in. then i made the mistake of eating there - bad move. i thought i was going to throw up later in the day it was so bad! i didn't have a class yesterday, so after shopping i came up to the room and relaxed, took a nap and then had Cheryl Strait come by for a cocktail before meeting Tabitha for dinner. after dinner it was meet the teachers to see what they are teaching. after seeing another class project, i signed up for a 3 rd class tomorrow. off to my other class now!

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