Thursday, August 28, 2008

échange entre les amis (exchange between friends)

here are the necklaces that i made for my buds Kim and Maija. i was inspired by Diana Frey's necklace in the last Belle Amoire Jewelry magazine.


  1. These are incredible! I have exchange envy. :)

  2. your necklaces are beautiful. hopefully maya will have hers when i see her tomorrow so i can ogle it up close and personal. and i'm so very sorry to hear about your kirby. my big dog is 14 and i worry about him like he's my child. we lost our scottie a couple years ago and our big dog was so low. he follows me up and down the stairs and everywhere i go now. so i understand how your little dog must be to have kirby suddenly missing. i sure do hope she is back home and doing much better right away. xo-k

  3. i love my sweet little girl.....and i know i owe you a picture of me with it on..i will try my best this weekend to get one snapped.....xo

  4. Love these - fabulous work!

    Looking forward to meeting you at the workshops the end of October *smiles*.


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