Sunday, August 24, 2008

last day of Bead fest

me and new bud, Tabitha. we met first day of classes and she graciously offered for me to stay in her room so that i wasn't driving 1.5 hours each way for 2 days. thanks Tabitha! we had a great time together and laughed a lot. laughing is always good!

my last day of class with C.R. Radding. the class was all about wire wrapping beads. i just loved this class! such a sweet lady, laid back, casual, unassuming, extremely talented and an awesome teacher. she just taught and taught and taught. she was even sorry we ran out of time as she had more to teach us! please ignore my horrible outfit - i was in my PJ's! the classes were so FREEZING and i had only brought skirts, so i finally had enough and went and changed into my PJ's to warm up. it helped for a little while and then Tabitha saved the day by getting me the blanket out of her car.


here is the piece i started in today's wire wrapping class


i'm home now watching the closing ceremonies. had a nice ride home after getting stuck behind a horrible accident; 3 firetrucks, 5 ambulances, 6 mangled cars. after getting past that, my ride was a breeze as i gambled on taking another way home to avoid the sunday traffic jam of bennies going home from the beach. i hit no traffic and was home in no time. NICE! jeff had a nice dinner waiting for me and we went and ate out in the camper for some peace and quiet (no dogs, no caregivers, etc.) now i am going to put my feet up as one of my ankles is swollen (started last night) and i'm not sure why it is swollen. (sitting all day in classes? i know i didn't do anything to it....) have a good night!


  1. nice work...seems like this was a really nice art retreat!!

  2. I enjoyed your posts about BeadFest -- for the first time in I don't know how many years, I didn't go. I hate the 'new' location in Valley Forge. When it was at Ft Washington, it was an easy hour drive for me. Now... depending on traffic, it's 1.5 hours on a GOOD day.

  3. Don't you just love generous teachers? I would take a class with her any time even tho I learned to wrap beads so long ago that I almost forgot I know how. But there is always more to learn and she is my kind of teacher. When is she coming to Oregon?

    I know I said before, I love your new work, you go girl!


  4. Your wire wrapping looks great. I empathize about being overwhelmed by the vendor section. Glad to hear you had a good time and got to spend the nights there rather than commuting.


  5. Kecia,

    Looks like tyou had a full-"filling" time! Today I went back to school for the first time in 40 years! I'm taking a metalsmithing class at our local community college (C/R) and I'm soooooo excited. Finally, I'm going to learn how to cold connect. And, I thought about you today when the instructor said to go home and practice using the jewelry saw by sawing off all of the handles on our silverware! This past weekend I thoroughly enjoyed a polymer clay workshop taught by Anne Igou and Lisa Pavleka (Lisa came from Las Vegas). Our area doesn't have a polymer clay guild, but after their two day workshop, it seemed as thought there might be some interest. Have a creative week!

  6. oh what a lovely piece.. I am sure you had great fun.. An creating retreat seems just wonderful..
    fondly, deena


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