Thursday, June 25, 2009

soldering class here, sun. June 28th

I'm holding my second soldering class here this sunday. i moved a couch out of this room (referred to as "the fireplace room") and moved in some tables. i enjoy teaching, so it's a lot of fun. there will be another one on thurs. july 9th.

things in their kit

the classroom setting

a project i came up with. i thought i'd hang it in my studio. made one for a friend too as she has a special day coming up soon.

more soldering examples

me working on a necklace for dill's girlfriend. her birthday is on sunday. (don't notice the bad example i am setting by soldering barefoot!)


a rare opportunity to have someone else take my picture!


If you are interested in attending a workshop with me, just email me at: i've got a jewelry class planned for the end of the summer on deconstructing vintage items and re-imagining them into something new. i will also travel to your event, home party, etc. also inquiries welcomed.
Adrienne's b-day gift

pocket snippet to hold her necklace


  1. Yep, I'm back again! Twice in one day. Hope it's not creepy. No, I'm putting off cleaning and thought I'd make one more sweep (no pun intended) after many hours of blog visiting. Trying to stay as caught up as possible, since I've been so far behind. Anyway, if I lived anywhere near you I would be all over this! What a beautiful environment to work and create in. And you are so very organized! It looks lovely and I'm sure will be a huge success! Let me know when you're teaching in southern CA - I'm in!


  2. Kecia, I just love that room you are in~looks so cozy. I'd love to see more of your house, I bet all of it is just a warm and inviting. So wish I could come to your class. Can you teach me online? LOL!!! I've been wanting to learn to solder for a long time now. Maybe you can share some hints with me. Good luck with the class.

  3. Next time I am in the area, I would love to take one of your classes. Your living rooom looks like a very charming place to create.

  4. Great environment for an art class. What bare feet?


  5. I can't wait for Sunday, I've been telling everyone about it...its going to be a blast...hope you find a lot of goodies on your road trip to PA...myself & the brownies will see you on Sunday! have a honey of a day! Grace & Peace 2 U Marlene

  6. I want to take a class of your coming up, probably after the craziness of the Handmade Faire's..... after October!


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