Sunday, June 7, 2009

sunday musings for june 7, 2009

Hey, if you enjoyed the Gracie story from yesterday about her hiding food in Tucker's room , go back and read the update i added!

Carol and Amy stopped by to picked up their spoon bracelets today. Carol used a vintage picture and Amy featured her 2 dogs for her focal point.

here are some pendants i made using some of my sea glass. that was a fun departure from some of the stuff i usually do. i love the natural element factor of these pieces. very simplistic yet texturally interesting. the contrast between the distressed glass and soldering is interesting as well.


jeff and i did some more yard work today. we got some sea grass at the flea market today and put them in some pots in front of the camper. the darling little red bistro set is something we found at Kmart the other day (Martha Stewart). it adds a little cottage charm to the camper. this is our guest quarters!


just some more porch shots. i picked this doll house up at a yard sale last summer and it was on the front porch, but today it got bumped to the back porch where i really think it shows it off.

tonight we had an impromptu BBQ with my friend, Michele, Ryan and Matthew (love Matthew's grin!)

and then also, i invited a fellow NJetsy girl, Marci and her husband Mark. Marci lives about 20 minutes away. i was happy they could come over even though the plans were so last minute and i used facebook to invite her! We had clams, wings, hot dogs with chili, hamburgers, potato salad, macncheese and rice. they both brought dessert: brownies and cupcakes. are we full? you betcha!

glad your kitty is feeling better, marci!


  1. Thanks for inviting us! We had a lovely time - it was nice meeting your family as well as Michelle, Ryan and Matthew. My knees are a little sore after playing some volleyball with Matthew though!

  2. love your sea glass pieces! the soft colors are just lovely...


  3. Kecia, I love these bracelets, you have really neat ideas! I see junk and you see a project - this is what I like about your blog, there is always something new here!
    PS. Can I have Gracie? I like having food in bed )


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