Tuesday, June 16, 2009

fun with vintage Little People (fisher price)

I've decided to start photographing some of my Little People in various situations as they occur. it'll be fun to see what they are up to. (see more pictures here) i figure i'll keep a few of them in my purse with my camera. you never know where they will show up! feel free to join me in the fun if you want to take your own pictures and share them for us to see!


  1. https://uncannyfestoon.blogspot.comJune 16, 2009 at 9:08 PM

    Way cute and oh so clever!

  2. OMG, Too Cute!!! I have some of these people (my Mama didn't throw away any of my old toys) I also have some of the older FP farm animals. What a cute idea, the traveling Little People. And I love the up-cycled lamp. Totally rocks now :0)

  3. They're going to have very busy active little lives. I hope they like the roller derby!

  4. Have you ever met Linda Crispell? She has the most amazing collections of things and one of them is full of Little People. She would get such a kick out of this idea and watching what you do with it. I'll send her over. She has a blog by the same name . . . Linda Crispell and coincidentally not far below your blog name in my links list if you ever want to visit her. She just posted about her little people a few days ago. Okay, anyway, this is such a fun idea and I can't wait to watch their adventures!

  5. Wow!
    Now I,m going to have to figure out where the old toys are hiding in this house. looks like mine may need to come out and play too.


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