Thursday, June 4, 2009

another flea market find

this another find from the Ocean Grove flea market last weekend. i picked it up because of the awesome drawers. it had a handpainted rooster on the top, which was cute, but not my style, so i sanded it off. the drawers are the absolute best. i was able to combine things i had in various containers all into one spot.

these are the two dolls in the picture above (far right bottom corner). i think the one doll with the embroderied skirt is so pretty. they are also a flea market find.


  1. Wonderful, inspiring blog! I found you through the blogs of note.

    Would you accept a creative blogger award? I am at I am new at this but am really enjoying myself. I write about combining my talents in art, music, writing and yoga as well as being a parent.


  2. You are the 4th blog I just visited and 3 out 4 featured frozen charlotte dolls---I am trying to resist them!!!! I love the drawers---too cool!!!!!

  3. squeal! those drawers are awesome and your stash in them is even better! poor rooster all sanded away. hee.

  4. love the box of drawers and the little dolls... Im hitting up garage sales this weekend for sure!
    have a great day!

  5. HI Kecia..
    Love the drawers and congratulations
    on the lovely pieces in Somerset
    Jewelry Magazine!!!

  6. Okay, now we definitely have to go fleaing! Look at all of your awesome goodies.

  7. What a gorgeous cabinet and it was so much fun seeing your stuff placed in the drawers! Those images are like a piece of art too. I just love looking at it. The two tiny dolls you found are just exquisite and I can only imagine what you have in mind for them. Hugs, Tami

  8. What could be better? Distressed painted drawers and cubbies filled to the brim with everything mixed media!

  9. looks like an old letterpress cabinet! IDK why it would have a rooster would be painted on it.... unless someone else got it before you and used it as decoration!

    I have some letterpress drawers that i've been meaning to put to use, they don't have the matching cabinet though! great find!

  10. I love that your puppy is sharing or burying her treasures with Tucker! That is so sweet... could get yucky though Lol!
    I love your new drawers and the finds!
    hugs! karen...

  11. You just freaked me out, I was there and went back to pick up that piece and it was gone...the rooster scared me off at first. I was so sad that it was gone, my friend consoled me all the way home. And now I'm happy because you got it!! And I bought the turquoise table that the Tuckerton couple had in the center of their booth. You'll have to come visit my shop one day or we should meet up again. Best, Michele (from art nest!)


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