Saturday, June 13, 2009

another flea market and a new hair color

this morning i got up early (ugh) to hit the Allaire State flea market. the day looked a little dicey (weather wise) to begin, but ended up being quite nice. i found some cool things (but of course! i can see my dad rolling his eyes at all this "stuff"). after i was done, i walked the park a bit, took some pictures and then headed over to get my hair colored. while taking pictures i found a small fencing section, about 15" inches long in a "possible" discard area. i say possible, because i don't really know. however, i sort of got "stickey fingers" and made an executive decision that it was trash and took it! i am going to go back tomorrow and inquire about the rest of it. if i can recyle it, why not? here are some of my finds:

Steve, a carpenter/artist made this. he is the one who made my most awesome tin shed cabinet.

metal egg basket (from a Wall barn i was told) and wood spools

sweet metal basket

great old shaving cream jars and bunson burners

metal collanders from the 80's

steve also made this. i thought it was so sweet and it can stay outside year round. perfect!

i have a thing for old used scissors - call scissors anonymous!

look at this great old easel! i just love it. going to great a piece just to put on it.

old shoe shine box

got a bunch of tintypes for $1.00 a piece! (yes, you read that correctly)

and here is the debut of my new hair color. a dark base with very bold, blonde streaks. very funky and dramatic. i'm tired of boring.

and P.S.
i wanted to say thank you to all my followers (and those of you that read anonmously) out there! i just hit 100, which i think is pretty cool. i'm glad my little chatter, art and lifestyle is found interesting by others!


  1. Hi Kecia...didn't make to Allaire or the Seafood fest, found out 8:00 am this morning that is was working in Anthropologie my part time job...but I looking forward to going to Collingswood tomorrow...hopefully I find as many goodies as you did...I LOVE THE CUT AND COLOR YOU LOOK GREAT AS ALWAYS (except for when your sick)...I'll e-mail you about which class I would like to take...have a honey of a night - may sweet things come your way! Grace & Peace 2 U, Marlene

  2. Your new 'do is cute! But you always look good no matter what you do with your hair!

  3. What great things you have found.
    Love the new hair do.

  4. Love the new style - looks great on you!! And what I would give to come hang out at your place! All of your finds were awesome. Steve looks like a very talented guy. But from everything, I [b]love[/b] the metal egg basket!

  5. Love the new hair !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Brenda Bliss


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