Friday, June 5, 2009

dillon's off to prom tonight!

Dillon is a sophomore, but his friend, Shannon is a senior and asked Dillon to take her to senior prom. love the yellow! Dillon had on his nice dress shoes and i suggested he wear his converse sneakers. i think it looks quite stylish. little bit of edginess without being too much.


  1. They are adorable, Kecia!! Lauren had her junior prom this year :)
    They grow SO fast.

  2. Good call mom! Right again.
    Hope they have a fabulous evening, one of wonderful memories.

    Cute couple,

  3. Oh how sweet.
    He looks fabulous.

  4. Good looking son, and he and his friend really look sweet and happy. They both look nice in that wonderful shade of yellow. Hope they had a great time. I'm sure your son will be glad he wore those shoes instead of the dress ones as the night wore on.


  5. He looks great. You were right about the Chucks...very cool. Love her dress...that yellow is lovely.

    My sons had senior prom last night too...I teased them that they looked very Bond.

    Still remember when they were in OshKosh overalls...

  6. they are darling - the shoes are perfect - makes me mighty proud! but really, is that dillon? what a sweetheart - can't wait to see him in sugust!

    love, mom and his grandma!

  7. They looked Gorgeous. He is a Keeper. Yellow looks great on them both. Hope they had fun.

  8. Great photo and I agree with you about the shoes.


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