Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Weekend with Tim Holtz, at Absolutely Everything, Topsfield, MA

I just got home from a wonderful weekend in Topsfield, MA - outside of Boston. The drive is long when you are alone, but i listened to some audio CD's to pass the time. it reminded me a lot of the times when i would drive from the beach in North Carolina where i was working for the summer back to school in Burlington, NC (Elon University) - usually took about 6 hours.
anyway, i left on thursday, the day before classes, so that i could meet up with Jackie, whom i met at the soldered tiara class. she had gratiously invited me to stay with her during classes so that i wasn't spending $ on a hotel room (that meant more money to spend at Absolutely Everything!). we were going to hit a few antique stores and then eat. We ate dinner at a really cool restaurant (can't remember name). we had a delicious, funky salad that had spiced, grilled watermelon in it! sounds weird, but it was really good! i also managed to suck down 3 yummy pomegrante cosmos!
after eating we decided that we still had a bit of shopping in us, so we hit a mega Marshall's where i found a great pair of jeans, a pair of shoes and 2 great tops!
Friday morning we are there early as we want good seats (geeks!), no, i wanted to make sure to get a seat at the end of the table so that i had room for these long legs of mine! i tend to get a little claustrophic, especially if i can't stretch out my legs. I saw many familiar faces and you could feel the excitement in the air! This was class one of eight! to be continued!


  1. looks like a FUN workshop! I love the many cool looking items. :)

  2. Oh baby! What a fabulous time you must have had!!! SO COOL!!!!


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