Sunday, August 5, 2007

From the land of "some people just don't get it" and a few more tiara pics

When I have some time to make myself look presentable..... i will take a picture of me wearing my tiara!
So, i was at a BBQ yesterday at my friends house. She let me raid her shoe box stash so that i had some boxes to mail out these mannequins i've been selling in my etsy shoppe (as a supply) in addition to the few i've altered. so we were discussing this and that about my art and she asked what was the class i was taking in Boston. I told her all about the tiara class, soldering, making the charms, ets. There was another woman also standing there listening when all i a sudden she pipes in "is there a lot of call for tiaras?" I just sort of looked at her and said, well, i am not sure what your question means, but i took the class because of my interest in it. i don't really evaluate situations like that based on "the call for it". maybe i am being snarky, but i found it a little annoying because i get that a lot. they don't understand what it is that i do (huh, altered art?) another time someone said to me, "and you make money at this?"
So my husband and i were discussing her "silly" comment this morning because i was saying, "what is exactly was she asking?" that in order for me to take a class, i should evaluate the need for it? whatever happened to doing something because you like it? i surmised that this is probably a woman without a lot of art in her life!


  1. I think we all run into people who just don't get it. Too bad for them.

  2. "Is there a lot of call for tiaras???" OMG, WHAT A HOOT!! I am STILL laughing! Keesh, you snarky little ninjja, you.
    I'm afraid if it would have been me I would have laughed out loud right in her face.
    OMG, you made my day and oi' what a day! The day the music died *but just for 13 1/2 my blog. lymi, Jan

  3. A need for tiaras? HELLO! With two little girls in the house, & an imaginative mommy on the loose, we're wearing tiaras on a daily basis around here. We must have at least a dozen! Maybe the poor old woman had her magic wand up her arse, making her a wee bit grumpy!

  4. I think she just does not have a creative bone in her body and is way to practical to hang around!! There is an incredible need for tiaras!!! Where has she been...certainly not blogging with the creative bunch!!

  5. well obviously there are people like us who "get it" and then there are those "other" people.


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