Friday, August 3, 2007

pictures from soldered tiara class

Here are the pictures from class. they are quite fun! i will tell you how/what each picture is:
1)Me and table mate, Ida
2) close up of Kate's (teacher and owner, Absolutely Everything) original crown - demo
3) Melissa's layout for her tiara
4) Raine's (right side table mate) tiara
5) me and Kate
6) Queen Kate's finished christmas tiara - pretty, huh?
7) me soldering
8) Princess Raine
9) Ida's tiara
10) Ida's layout to solder
11) me and Raine
12) Jackie soldering (she's not a celebrity, she just misplaced her glasses!)
13) Claudia helping Patty solder
14) Kate's demo crown
15) Queen Kate models her monarchy!
due to my crown having some "technical difficulties"....... i didn't include any pics yet. once i've finished it, you will get to see!

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