Sunday, August 5, 2007

Rockin girl blogger award

Today i was awarded the "rockin girl blogger" award by twin birthday gal (sept. 19th), Joanne thiemehuffman. Thanks Joanne, what a sweetie! i met Joanne at Artiscape. The first thing you notice about Joanne is her oh, so sassy bob. A hair cut so cute on her. I kept seeing her every where and we did a couple of trades. Then towards the end we traded again for something, but i was all out, so i told her i would send her something when i got back home. which i did! it was fun. the other thing i noticed about Joanne was her darling hand painted shoes that she was wearing. i still want to paint me a pair of those shoes! too cute! thanks Joanne, i appreciate it! Now i am to pay it forward and nominate 5 other rockin girl bloggers!

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  1. Thank-you Kecia, what a sweet thought :) I'll post it on my blog soon and then pass on the good deed too. Sooo, where's that pic. of you wearing your tiara. Do you have a wand to go with it too ?


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