Saturday, August 25, 2007

flea market today!

So today my husband and i got up and went to a different flea market - in Englishtown, about 30 minutes from here. it is really dirty and icky! most of it is new stuff and crap. however we did manage to find some really cool stuff. (i have to add though, we did stop at our regular flea market on the way home and that is where i got the patina keys, war letters and photos).
i scored big on vintage light bulbs. these tend to show up in old tool boxes and you have to really dig for them. i think i found about 28 in various sizes by digging (either wear gloves or bring wipes!). found some cute vintage matchbox cars that i like adding to shadow boxes. later i'll post a picture of a mini box i did with a car and some tim holtz paper behind it. came out really cute.
got a couple more fishing lures, some fuses with the metal cases they came in, a small box of what nots - screws, a lots of things i can't identify - but will be cool to use in various ways! doesn't matter what it is - if it is cool and appeals to me, i'll use it!
found a bunch of copper hinges that i will use if i make more doorways (3 canvas's hinged together - a la tim holtz). got a mini oil painting that i plan to add altered art over but keep some of the background showing. i've done a few of these and all sold on etsy. got a cute miniature globe, 3 cigar boxes and an old metal flour sifter plus a rusty skate and some old wood spools.
the war letters - there is about 300 of them! they are correspondence between a man, George and his wife, Sharon. they are all dated around 1967 while he is serving in the Seabees, which is part of the Navy (go Navy! i'm a navy brat myself!) he always tells her in his letters "to be good" and that he "loves her a whole bunch". he ends every letter with, Love Always & Forever, George, xxxxxxxxx. some of them are in air mail envelopes and then some are in plain envelopes. i plan on selling some of them in little groups, as i think they will be great in altered arts. anyone interested, just let me know and i'll get some off to you. i'll probably do like 5 letters for $6 plus a $1 shipping. the letters would be 4 airmail envelopes and 2 plain. the post marks are from all over.
i also got TONS of pictures, some of which i will be selling as well. i'll take some pictures of the pictures later to give you an idea of what they look like. they are very nice quality. the other cool thing i got was a bunch of negatives from the 40' & 50's. not sure what i'll do with them (and some i can sell), but if anyone has any ideas on using them, let me know!
did anyone notice the funky little box of Gumby's that i found? they are too cute! there are about 45 of them and i thought i might make them into charms for Artfest! how funny would that be? some are green and some are yellow (although i did not know there was ever a yellow gumby!) doesn't matter - they are great!
i hope you've enjoyed this post as much as i enjoyed finding all the goodies. i'm very close to doing another "blog candy" giveaway - so keep a look out!


  1. What fun! and cool stuff. We used to go to the drag races in Englishtown when we lived in MD. Like you, I am in Oklahoma but long to be back on the East coast.

  2. Geez! You really racked up! Thanks for the computer advice. I bookmarked that site for future use!

  3. Hey Kecia! Thanks for stopping by to visit. I hope all goes well with your checkup. And thanks for the car compliment. The 56 has always been my favorite.

  4. Woohoo what a find ! Gummbies lol !! Thanks for the emails too, been pretty busy with family from Montreal but they left today to visit and camp around Seattle and will return this Friday for the long weekend. Then it's school time again for our son and more arting time for me wheeee !

  5. Why not make soldered charms with some of the negatives ? Add bits of ephemera ( maybe from the letters ) around the edges. They'd make unique conversation pieces, people would hold them up to see the picture and perhaps even start talking about them, where it was taken, why, etc...You could make a story out of them !
    p.S: I'm kindof a navy brat too --to my husband lol ! He retired 2 yrs. ago after 22 yrs. service. We both don't miss it ;)

  6. head is about to explode here! YOU scored some serious good stuff!!!! And that pile of Gumbys has me LOL! Can't wait for the blog candy giveaway!!!!

  7. the lightbulbs - i love them.
    and there was something else but i can't remember what it was. shot.
    anyway, you made a first thought was *when I saw all of that* where in the world will she put all of that stuff! LOL


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