Friday, August 3, 2007

soldered tiara class

So, yesterday i drove up to Boston ( a 5 hour drive) to take part 2 of the soldered tiara class held at Absolutely Everything. wow, what fun we had! it was a hot drive, so i was a little tired when i arrived. i grabbed a bite to eat, did a little shopping in Kate's wonder store and then got ready for class.

since charms were soldered, it was time to layout the wire and start making our curly cues and swirlys to be soldered onto tiara. after measuring our heads for size (Patty asked "how big should the tiara be?" to which i replied, "well, do you want to look drunk or pretty"!), we then got to work. my soldering iron was being very naughty and i was getting quite aggravated. then kate (owner of Absolutely Everything and teaching the soldered tiara class) came to the rescue by teaching me how to re-tin my iron; which helped it worked so much better.

it is a long process doing your first tiara and i admit, i was getting annoyed! i think by learning some mistakes the first time, the second one would go faster. kate made her crown in no time (show off!) also, i wasted a lot of time dealing with a tempermental iron - next time of which will be thrown in the backyard! no just kidding........?

i spent the night with Jackie, one of the ladies in the class. she was kind enough to offer me a place to stay to save on $, which was very much appreciated. i made her a little thank you gift. i will be staying with her again in late aug. for the tim holtz class. big round of applause for her doing something nice like that! (she will also be getting another handmade gift as a thank you when i stay there for the tim holtz classes). i am taking all of the classes (8 i think) and kate is making t-shirts up for those taking all classes. it will say something clever like, "i did it 8 times with tim holtz and it was very distressing!" cute huh?

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  1. The tiaras are fab! Just wondering if I need to learn how to re-tin my soldering gives me fits. I always end up redoing everything I solder! Wish I lived closer to Boston, bet the Tim Holtz classes will be the best!! Thanks for showing us your incredible tiara and for those of us who solder, we can appreciate how much work that is!!


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