Thursday, July 8, 2010

on my worktable today

On Sat. aug, July 17th, i am doing a local show, Handmade Faire, so i thought i'd make some soldered pendants for the local flavor. We don't have to pump our gas here in Jersey, so this is kind of a funny saying around here.
in case you missed yesterdays post, i recently did an artist interview with Blue Sand Studio. Part one can be found here and part two can be found here.


  1. awesome! Love them Kecia - but hope you know the Faire is on July 17th not August 17th! Heheheh don't scare me!

  2. whoops, abbie; thanks for noticing my typo!

  3. Very cute. And if you ever do a faire in Oregon, you can make charms that say "Oregon Girls Don't Pump Gas" cuz we don't have to do that either, thank goodness!

  4. Cute pendaants. Probably a dumb question but why don't jersey girls have to pump gas???
    I never fill my car either - my husband does it for me! Maybe I need one that says Mt. martha girls don't pump gas!LOL

  5. This so makes me laugh...I'm a Jersey girl now in Kentucky and I do have to pump my own gas. On my yearly trip back to NJ to see friends I have to remind myself NOT to hop out the car's so hard! On one of my NJ trips I really want to try to plan it around some of your classes, they rock!


  6. That's one of the best things about living in Oregon, too! Love the pendants!


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