Monday, July 5, 2010

artist statement

Creating is my key to another time. It unlocks the gate to my secret garden; my refuge. It takes me to another era where things were simpler and I find the process soothing to my soul.

Lemoncholy’s Studio began with my fondness for vintage items. Searching flea markets, I find items long forgotten, sometimes damaged, but still purposeful. They just need some love and attention. I want these found objects to tell a new story, have meaning and to be inspiring. I have a vision for them to begin again.

Intuitively I combine elements in an enchanting way to provoke a narrative response that alludes to something we seek without knowing it. Often, it is a reminder of our childhood.

My jewelry is about craftsmanship and virtue but not perfection. By removing perfectionism, I free my imagination to play and ultimately, this freedom results in whimsical pieces of grace and beauty.

I consider my art more “trouble shooting” versus technique. Usually I know how I want something to look and then I set about figuring out how to do that. I often do things the hard way. But what I’ve come to learn is that this search has resulted in my own unique look. I like to describe myself as an indie craftepreneur; a mix between crafter, artist, photographer and businesswoman. I tend to do my own thing, make my own rules and try to be eco responsible at the same time.

haven't written an artist statement yet? i found a great article here that gives great pointers on beginning the process.


  1. Wonderful, inspiring artist statement!! I haven't been successful with creating mine yet, but I will read the article you provide and see what happens. Thank you for posted it!!

  2. Well said Kecia. I will have to check out that article. Thanks!

  3. I love this description! Can really relate to your words...

  4. Beautifully said ... I'm going to check out that article! Hope you are enjoying your weekend and finding mucho creative time ; )



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