Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Lesley Venable (and Mr. Lesley)

Lesley and Tom arrived early Friday evening. They got stuck in a little bit of traffic, so they were happy to finally get here. After drinks, dinner and chit chat, we got them settled into the camper (now dubbed "the nest" by Tom). Tom gifted Jeff this t-shirt that says Mr. Lemoncholy art husband. how cool is that? both of the guys wore their tshirts the next morning to help us set up for Handmade Faire.

We got up quite early to make the hour drive to Medford and begin setting up for the show. Right out of the gate it was a hot one. After getting set up, Jeff headed back home for Tucker duty. Lesley's booth was very close to me, so we did a lot of visiting, as unfortunately, the weather did not encourage many people to come on out! it was just way too hot. but we made the most of it, lots of laughing, visiting, walking around and eating. we spent a lot of time watching the male psychic. he was quite interesting to watch.

after the show, we headed back towards my neck of the woods to have dinner at a yummy seafood restaurant. we took a leisurely stroll around the marina and watched the boats for a few. we were all still a bit "warm" from the day!

On Sunday, Lesley taught her angel class. we had a great time. Lesley is a wonderful teacher and shared a lot of tips, resources and materials with us. we worked with a couple of products that i wasn't familiar with, so that was cool to learn how to use them.

On Monday, I decided to show Lesley how to do some of my snippet sewing (a class i taught last year at Art-is). so we spent the day sewing while Tom cooked us a delicious dinner of homemade focaccia bread, beef stroganoff and chocolate mousse.

(some pages i sewed)

this was a little dress that Lesley bought at Handmade Faire and i asked her if could alter it with some of my sewing.

after dinner, we went for a walk along the dog beach. it was a beautiful evening with a lovely breeze. very peaceful and quiet.

we finished off the evening with Lesley teaching me how to do some molding and creating some bezels using an epoxy putty.
here is my angel that i made in class.

thank you Lesley and Tom for a wonderful weekend and all you shared with us.


  1. Could you tell me what program you used to make those artsy/soft edges around your photos!? I have been looking for something like that for awhile...
    Is it a mask or something that you have to do manually!? Thanks in advance!

  2. I love what you created....the wings are amazing!!!! It looks like you all had a nice time too!

  3. The Jersey Shore is a wonderful place to live and create! Loved the photos and the 'artsy' look you've given them...your angel is perfect and I'm sure that y'all had the bestest time despite this heat!

  4. Nice to know we aren't the only ones to put guests up in a camper! At different times, we've had people in our big old tent, camper, hippie truck house, teepee, and both VW buses.

    Isn't it so much fun to make them all cozy and pretty?

    Love your photos. Sounds like you all had a fabulously enjoyable weekend!

  5. WOW...It looks like a good time was had my all...I'm sorry that I wasn't a repeat offender :(...I missed my spot.. thanks for sharing kecia...

  6. Wow Kecia! That angel is gorgeous!

  7. Sounds like the perfect weekend to me ... you had me at beef stroganoff : ) ... LOVE the stuff!

    Sorry the fair was a little too hot, last year was hot, too ... remember? We were suffering right along with you at the Barn Market.

    I hope you'll be hosting Flea Market Friday's tomorrow .... I'll be ready this week ... lady of leisure I am with no shows on the books!

    ps. I'm hosting a rosette swap if you want to check it out.

  8. Glad you stopped by my blog. Your blogs are all lovely and that Angel is AMAZING!!!


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