Friday, July 2, 2010

flea market friday

here's some yummy eye candy of the treasures i procured from the flea market

love these Dresden ballerinas. i have 5 of them now.

i think this little book was handmade for a dollhouse. it is really cool!

these are curtains and i just love them. think i'll put them up in my bedroom

nice linen haul today. i got this lovely curtain panel (left side sort of a faded torquoise/aqua color. it is very pretty and high quality material. also got a couple of really old table runners with exquisite patterns on them.


  1. THUD..........

    you are so that haul would have easily been $200..............

  2. AMAZING haul! You seriously scored! I love all those watch faces!!!

  3. You won't believe this but I have never been at a flea market. Monticello and Camas antiques are the closer I have ever come to one I guess. You found some real treasures there. Have a great weekend, sweetpea.

  4. boarding the plane now to come and paw over your new goodies! you always fine the best stuff!

  5. This is all from ONE flea market visit???? What a haul - I am swooning with delight! The linens! The beads! The little book!
    Can I come flea market with you?

  6. Great finds! Love especially the watch faces and the little book! You are a lucky gal!
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  7. Great stuff you found! I love the little album! I've never seen anything like it. Happy 4th, Connie

  8. so so so jealous...great haul!!xox

  9. You definitely found some awesome have the magic touch of finding good's to many more...have a honey of night ~ sweet dreams! Marlene

  10. Oh my gosh...I have been on the hunt for dresden dolls like forever and you find them in one with envy...hahaha..I must come to your flea market! You found some really cool it all.


  11. You find the best stuff Kecia. I know I keep saying this, but I am so coming to the flea market with you. One. Of. These. Days.



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