Thursday, July 22, 2010

flea market friday - join in!

hi and welcome to flea market friday where we show off our cool vintage finds from the flea market, garage sale, thrift or antique store. feel free to join in with us. there aren't many rules and you don't have to go to the flea market on a friday! just show us things you have found in your second hand treasure hunts. also, if you would be so kind, i'd really appreciate it if you link your blog post back to mine

huge bag of seed beads and trim

anyone know what kind of ribbon this is? i thought i'd make some flowers with it and sell some (of the ribbon) at The Creative Connection, where i will be vending handmade and vintage finds.

more ooglicious bling

isn't this the sweetest dollie?

this is a homemade, steampunky, assemblage clock (nonworking). it is really cool and a lot of thought went into it. i wish i knew more about it or who made it. but the price was great - $15


  1. Totally drooling over the bling ... delicious!
    Thanks for sharing and hosting a fun party!

  2. Gorgeous stuff. The bling is true treasure indeed. I'm going to a French brocante whilst I'm over there next week, so hopefully I'll have some delicious french fancies to show you!

    Have a good week. x

  3. Love the bling and the assemblage clock!

  4. You know I always Love what you have on your Coast..
    Sighhh, Have a Great Weekend,

  5. oooooo, so many great treasures!!!!

  6. Love all these goodies, yummmmm. Riki

  7. How FUN! I just visited everyones posts. I can't wait to hit the flea market this weekend so I have something to post next week, and I'll have that watercolor finished.
    Thanks Kecia

  8. Thanks for hosting Kecia. Great idea and such perfect timing...the day after Columbus...tee hee! Have a great weekend.

  9. Darn....I knew I forgot to pack something (said as I am eyeing that assemblage "clock")!!! I want some of that ribbon when you get it priced let me know. :)



  10. I just found your fabulous blog today and I am loving it. I am writing up a post right now to join you in the Friday Flea Market and then I will get the banner posted on my "Nest Notes" page. Come for a visit when you can. I just made a fresh pitcher of cold lemonade and would love to share. xo Lynn @ theVintageNest
    P.s. Your finds just took my breathe away. wow!

  11. Hi Kecia, beautiful treasures, thanks for sharing and doing the linky-thingy!

  12. Hi find the most gorgeous that steampunk clock.


  13. Lucky girl--Love all the finds!! I'm new to your blog--
    but I also stopped in to introduce myself as I am a new Bloggerette!!
    So if you'd like, come on over and become a follower. I love new company. HAve a great weekend.

  14. Found you through Debbie Doos Garage Sale partay. Great finds!

  15. Hi Kecia
    Thanks for stopping by :D
    oh - those finds are fantastic - I LOVE all that bling, it´s so hard to find over here.
    Definately going to have a look at your Flea Market Friday event and going to follow.
    So nice to meet you.
    Have a wonderful day.
    ~ Tina

  16. Marlene aka Mizz BeeJuly 25, 2010 at 5:54 PM

    I so wish I could participate in Flea Market Friday but I work, which is a bummer... but I'll come to visit and see all the goodies/treasures that everyone else finds... :o)

  17. I just found your blog from Gypsy Brocante and I love it! What a great idea for a Friday blog party! I'd love to link up next time. Well, what the heck? Maybe I'll link up my last WW post since it's actually about a recent estate sale score.

    Looking forward to following!


  18. Hi again! I joined your Flea Market Friday so quickly but I realized afterwards that, among other things, I should have added a link to your blog and named my post appropriately. I just thought that it would be so easy to use my last WW post. I aplogize and promise I will link up and post correctly next time.

    I hope I didn't spoil my chances of joining in the future. If you prefer to take off my link I understand.

    Sincere Blessings,

  19. my "vintage finds" weekend was a bomb! boohoo! nothing worth posting~ mostly found some great Abercrombie & Fitch clothing for me & the kids...oh some vids~ I love that you sent out a reminder last week, hope you continue that, as I don't want to forget to post next week!! hugs!!!! and happy hunting everyone!! xo!!


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