Saturday, February 28, 2009

Wanted to let you know

a few friends have emailed me to let me know that they received a rather strange email from a "Monica" in which she says:
Hello dearest i need a help hope you will be of help to will solve this problem for me it's all about my life of present. I am ripe to be settled down, do you wish as well like I do?, and more there other help if you can not be with me as a life partner just get back to me so that we can talk better take care of yourself and please be-were I got Ur profile from hoping to read from you , yours Monica.
this is totally spam and has nothing to do with me! i'm sorry that you are being emailed like this. it sounds like the spammers are now going through blogs and getting information that way. has anyone else experienced this? i tried contacting blogger, but of course, there is no actually area to contact a real person, just forums that they want you to weed through until you find the issue you are having. my friend, Abbie had her husband trace the IP address and it came up in Nigeria. i'm wondering if that post i (now deleted) where i mentioned those emails i kept getting about being entrusted with millions has anything to do with it.
again my apologies and thank you all for making me aware of the situation.


  1. I just got that email this morning, thanks for posting this! Strange things always seem to happen on the internet :)

  2. Kecia, I received that email also. I am glad you addressed it here. Now I can just delete it without wondering what it was all about.

    Hope you are well,

    xoxo - Chel

  3. Sounds so familiar - i am still recovering from my spam one too. glad you got it attended to quickly though.

  4. It did not come from you, It came from "Monica Johnson" and it simply said it got my profile from your blog. It didn't have anymore information in it.

  5. Unfortunately it does sound familiar. I've dealt with these headaches on Ebay just recently. On a brighter note I have an award for you to come and pick up!

  6. That's weird, I got a strange spam email this morning with referrel to a blog with pics saying mama was sick and please send money and art to raise her spirits. And showed pictures of people that looked emaciated and one toothless and made the beverly hillbillies look like normal city folk. It was very scattered and strange! Even had a picture of a pig! Go figure! Love your necklace! You are so talented!

  7. Thanks for the heads up, really appreciate it.

    Lately I've been getting at least one email a day from complete strangers with the heading of 'get fake university degrees'. I never open them 'just in case' but wonder where the heck they originate from.

    take care ♥


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