Sunday, February 1, 2009

Easter Swap

I am hosting an Easter ornament swap this year with some art friends. there are 17 of us. i can't wait to see what everyone comes up with. i'm posting this picture as a teaser of what is to come for my ornament. isn't this baby darling?

well, it is super bowl Sunday - are you watching? i won't be - i'll be here in my studio; that's fun enough for me. i do want to hear Jennifer Hudson sing the national anthem though.

so how do you like the new look? i love it - it is very warm and so me. (not that the old way wasn't) - but change always feels that way - refreshing!


  1. great new look! love those babies! cant wait to see what everyone makes! I went to Michaels today to pick up somethings that I needed for mine.. hopping to work on them tonight!
    such fun!

  2. beautiful new banner and background! very springy!

  3. Love the new banner! I find it much more representative than the old one, so fresh, so new. More grown up and yet, more fanciful. The Lace I was looking for is for the Easter charms, and I am not giving up until I find exactly what I want, LOL. Went to Monticello and thought about you and then we went to lunch to the same restaurant and I so wished you could have been there with us.

  4. Love your blog redo! What a special look and it is very "you."

  5. Love the new look. I sent my ornaments off to you today, so you should be getting them soon. And, I love the photos of Harry in the fence.


  6. Your new banner and blog look is great. Gail does such beautiful work. This new look is so you.
    The baby photo is sweet.

  7. Love the New Look, nothing like a Change.


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