Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's day

hope you have a nice Valentine's Day. I am at my friend, Jane's, for the weekend. yesterday we did art, some shopping and a nice dinner. her husband had made some delicious dip called "Texas Caviar" - absolutely yummy!
this morning we are off to a flea market, so wish us luck in our scores!


  1. hope you will post the caviar recipe - sounds like a fun weekend - love, mom

  2. What fun you two must have had!!! Happy Valentine's Day to you!

  3. Hi Kecia,
    Sounds like a fun weekend. I'm sure you'll come across some great finds in your flea market shopping.

  4. What a cool valentine box... you know I got a small heart box from a swap partner and instead of just burning it, am now going to decorate it. Hope this will be okay with you... Let me know... okay.. don't want to copy a idea and be the store they got their mixed Valentine boxes of card for 75% off... as soon as I am strong enough am going oveer! Thanks for the awesome idea! way cool and lots of fun!


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