Thursday, February 12, 2009

Enchanted April

I have a confession to make. if you ask me where i got the name for my business (Lemoncholy's), i will tell you that i got it from the movie, Enchanted April. in the movie, one of the actress says that she was feeling a little "lemoncholy". i thought that was so cute. but over the years, i started wondering, did she really say that or did i just think she said that. i kept meaning to rewatch the movie to find out. well last night, the movie was on tv, so i set out to discover the truth. i had to wait until the very end of the movie to find out and guess what she said?

she said she was feeling, meloncholy!

so how is it that i thought she said otherwise?did i just remember it wrong? my husband said i remembered it the way i wanted to and thus created my own little name. but regardless, it makes a cute little story.


  1. "Enchanged April" is one of my favorite movies! I think your husband is heard what you wanted to hear...maybe what was meant for you to hear!! I believe in fate. ;-) Such a sweet story! Have a wonderful day!


  2. Your very cool name, by the way, is meant to be!!!

  3. I watched it the other day too! Love that movie! And it is a cute story...

    I have a special award for you... check my blog for details!


  4. One of my all time favorite movies. I think Lemoncholy fits the mood perfectly!

  5. Kecia, you are too cute... Lemoncholy is much more cheerful anyway!

  6. hahah that is so funny. Enchanted April is one of my mom's favorite movies - and over Christmas when I gave her the necklace you made her I was telling her your store was called Lemoncholy's - from Enchanted April. And she was like...I've watched that a million times and I don't remember that part! Haha! I didn't know either way, I saw it about twice, years ago hehe.

  7. Love this story. It sounds like something I would do! Haven't seen this movie -- sounds like I need to rent it!!

    Hugs, Kim

  8. I think that is the Cutest Story! Love it..

  9. Hi that's a cute your name..I have never seen that movie..
    Happy Valentine's Day. xoxoxo laura

  10. I love your blog and the name too!Isn't Gail such a sweetheart to work with! Thanks for the mention of my tutorial. I look forward to visiting often.

    Best wishes,

  11. Funny story!
    I always thought it was from Under the Tuscan Sun..isn't that what the guy's family that she dated made for a living??? Kind of a Lemon Wine?
    I love the name either way!

  12. it's a great name no matter how you heard it- original and easy to remember...


  13. I love the name lemoncholy. You certainly wouldnt want to call your blog meloncholy. and grapecholy, applecholy, orangecholy, kiwicholy, berriecholy just dont sound right! broccholy sounds familiar though! ok.. i'm a bit off this morning.. obviously.. I need some caffiene!
    my ornies are done and ready to go.. just have to dig up your addy and off they go!
    happy valentines day!

  14. I love jumbled up fun words and sayings like "flutterby" instead of "butterfly".

    Lemoncholy is such a happy accident! Thanks for sharing how it came to be. : )

  15. I agree with your husband, the name was meant to be yours!

  16. This is really funny, because many a moon ago I told Beloved that I couldn't remember anyone in the movie mentioning Lemoncholy, but that I thought you created the word from Melancholy. Growing up with a dislexic child elephant was elsephant, and magazine mazagine so to imagine Lemoncholy from Melancholy wasn't that much of a stretch. I am glad you are not dislexic but inspired, LOL.


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