Thursday, February 26, 2009

this made my day

this morning while i was watching the birdies in the back yard, i saw a chipmunk running around! that means they are done hibernating and spring is getting near. i just love our chipmunks, we have a bunch of them living in various spots in the yard. there is one in particular that i favor - he lives in the front under the old claw foot bathtub that i have in my garden (full of plants!). i like to leave little snacks and finch food for him in a special little spot.

this particular picture is a few years old, taken one morning while i was eating breakfast and put my bowl down to go inside to get my camera. when i came back out (i came out quietly as i knew he had been sniffing around) - i saw him snacking from my bowl and snapped the photo. isn't he sweet?


  1. I have never gotten a picture of ours in the backyard. We have a fence where they have practically a tunnel and they fly through there protected from my dog. Every once in awhile they will pop out.

  2. He is super cute and definitely looks like he is up to something!

  3. What an opportunistic shot! Good work! You are right! He is the cutest cute!

  4. I wish we had a few of these cute little guys, but I have to settle for the gray squirrels. What a great picture!


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