Friday, February 27, 2009

healthcare in America

can someone explain to me why the women who work answering the phones at medical offices are so rude? i had to talk to 3 of them today; all in different offices and all of them were curt, hurried and not interested in answering my questions. i just got off the phone with the third woman and burst into tears because i was so frustrated with their treatment and lack of interest in dealing with me. i know what you are going to say, it's a sign of the times, with over worked medical professionals; i'm just so tired of it.


  1. *passing an eggnog latte*

    Oh Kecia,

    I can feel your frustration and totally understand. I've been there so many times. I count myself lucky that with all the issues I dealt with in the past 2-3 months, I've really lucked out on getting the cream of the crop in medical professionals. I have changed doctors because of stuff like this.

    I'm hoping you get someone compassionate and willing to listen and answer your questions. It really does suck that those who should be compassionate so often project their frustrations on us.

  2. You are not kidding. (And public school secretaries have always given me the attitude!) They would likely be as sweet as pie if you popped in (Doctor's offices, not the schools). I don't get it, but I do so agree with you!!
    You know, I have been bad. :) I have just taken to writing, polite, professional, but anonymous letters to my Doctors. I actually used to set up offices for new doctors, so it's kind of handy to cite standards. I write 'personal' on the envelope. In the case of ours, it's a group, so I took one major complaint to all of the main doctors in the group. It did make a difference. But I don't know how it will ever be solved unless the bosses wives get the treatment. This sounds mean spirited and punitive, I guess, but it just makes me so angry. They should never, EVER, make you cry. They know they are dealing with people who don't feel well in the first place, and if they DON'T know it, they need to be told. I hope you feel better, Sweetie! Nasty ol' bitties.

  3. I had a similiar experience on Tuesday... while having severe TMJ pin. To say I spoke to LESS than 20 folks would be a lie. However, I did get a few who were exceptionally nice & it made all the difference after the toads!

    Hope you are doing better soon. Take some time to recoup & regroup!

  4. I am so doesn't matter where you go customer service is customer service. One of the benefits we have of living in a small town is that everyone pretty much knows that if you are rude to one'll see that person at the next hockey game or picking up kids or it will get around.

    I definitely agree that you should write a letter...if staff are rude they should be called out on it...

    take care *sending lots of chocolate*


  5. id call and complain to their supervisors.. nothing will happen, but they will know someone complained. I quit taking my kids to one doctor when they were little, because the receptionist always made me feel like I was some kind of a loser mother. but I wrote a long letter to the doctor and sent in to his house to be sure he got it. beats me what ever happened with it. but i felt better after complaining to him and finding a different office to go to.

  6. Kecia, you should write a letter to the doctor and tell him his staff is not doing a good job of being his/her representatives to the patients. The doctor wants to know about this. And the staff will change. Because the doctor will emphasize the importance of being nice to the clients.

    I've been there, I've done that, and it worked out great.

  7. write the letter- if more of us did that I really think it would make a difference. Same goes for insurance companies- they are in the same rudeness boat.

    I once had a child in the hospital with a fractured back from a horrible accident and the insurance company was calling us telling us that she was being discharged from the hospital because we hadn't called them when she was admitted thru the ER with in 24 hours of her accident. It was so upsetting- i was crying when her surgeon came to speak to me about her needed spinal surgery- and I told him about the insurance company- HE called the insurance co. and ripped them a new one- here she was in the spinal cord injury unit facing back surgery and was in an induced coma (for a week before they even DID the back surgery) and the insurance co. is harassing us???? They never bothered us again after the surgeon called and screamed at them. People forget to be nice and there is no excuse.

  8. Hi Kecia-- I did have a really good experience recently. Perhaps this will help???

    I know how hard it is to deal with rude people *esp* at the doc's when you really may not feel well to begin with and just need some compassion and help.

    But there are so many wonderful nice people working in medicine also. I wrote about my experience here.

    Hope it works out for you.


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