Saturday, July 19, 2008

stubborn collage

this is a collage i started last week. the first part was a happy accident where she looks really old (done through trying to do the matte gel medium transfer method that didn't work so well.....), but then i sat her aside because she didn't seem complete, yet i didn't know what else she needed. so today i had some inspiration and added the tulle on her skirt for dimension, a ribbon for the waistline and a vintage flower from Tinsel Trading Co. i also added a little poem ode to my friend, Zhulia (she's a new blogger!) Zhulia was feeling wistful about some of her childhood dolls that she still wishes she had. She says she would play with them if she had them, because she sees no reason why not! i like that attitude. anyway, i 'm loving the collage now. it'll be going to the show tomorrow, since it now passes muster!


  1. I just love this! She looks worn and well-loved.
    Great job

  2. What a great find! I still remember my favorite doll that I had to leave behind when we moved from New Jersey (I was seven).

  3. Your stubborn collage turned out beautifully. I also love your dolls and beach photos. I used to live in the Berkshires (the Massachusetts part) and know you will love it there.

    Joanne, who is catching up on blogs


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