Wednesday, July 9, 2008

middle of the week already

looking outside my window this morning i thought i saw sitting on a branch, a baby cardinal. it was VERY fat and fluffy and had a really young face. i've never seen a baby cardinal before. i grabbed my camera and snuck out the back to take a pic and POOF- gone! i really wish i had gotten a pic, because this bird was adorable! so instead i went around taking some yard/garden shots. the first two pictures are of a pink lily (same flower in each shot, different perspective) and then i manipulated them in photoshop elements. the bottom shot is a picture of a couple of my "sea balls". sea balls are Japanese glass floats that the fisherman used on their nets. they would break loose and eventually float onto the shore area. we found in the 70's when we lived on Okinawa. i had put a couple of them in my fountain and they looked cool with the water splashing on them.

Dillon and i have decided to go to a folk festival for a few days (july 24 & 25). His girlfriend, Abby and her family go every year and we thought it sounded like fun, so i sort of invited ourselves. we picked up a tent today and i'm starting to make out a list. the Falcon Ridge Folk Festival, is held on a private farm and is a four-day community of folk music and dance at the foot of the Berkshires in east-central New York State. i think the biggest obstacle is that showers are limited and apparently the wait for them can be lengthy. so i think i'll pack a bunch of wipes (spit shine shower) and bring some milk jugs filled with water and wash my hair that way. i think i will probably come home with some pretty interesting pictures. i think there is going to be about 20 people in our immediate camping area, so that should be fun.


  1. The photos are gorgeous! I think the time you and Dillon spend together will be priceless!
    I'm also excited that we and Kim will be doing a swap!

  2. yes, that does sound fun, especially with good "dillon time" - get dirty and have fun! ;ove, mom

  3. Oh, what gorgeous photos. Have you ever considered making prints and selling them? I especially like the floats - I'm envious you found them.


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