Tuesday, July 15, 2008

getting ready for a show

art shows/festivals/craft fairs are alot of fun - but so much work! i've been doing them for about 4 years now. i'm no where near set up like some of the other folks who do this full time; with the tents and special shelving, etc. my booth is very whimiscal, cottagey, shabby chic, homemade, etc. i find discards on the road (screens, shutters, doors) and along with some vintage chicken coop screens, i just sort of create a backdrop for my tables. then, of course, i have fun "merchandising" my stuff and decorating my back drop. i make my husband do all the grunt work while i supervise. (hehe) then he gets to relax while i unpack everything and display them all. usually the week before a show bring all my stuff from the basement, price things, organize, get bags (i recycle shopping bags). i also do a mock set up of my booth and then create display ideas. my new idea was to build 4 miniature shelves to drill into these old louvre doors (the narrow kind, for a closet probably). i will cover the shelves with vintage hankies. it just a way to bring some height into my display. and don't worry, i'll definitely take pictures. then today, i made a display for my new jewelry line using an old vintage easel that i picked up who knows where and has been sitting in my closet for an eternity waiting to be used in some cool and creative way. here are some pictures from a few shows of my booth:


here is the jewelry display i made for the show on sunday:


  1. I think everything looks FABULOUS! I would shop your booth!

  2. Kecia, I Love how you design your booth. The frame with all your Gorgeous Necklaces is a Great Idea and looks wonderful. Good Luck and I hope you sell lots of Goodies. Jamie

  3. Gosh, I didn't know you did this!! What a lot of work!!! And it all looks so lovely.

    xo Rella

  4. I would come shop at your booth. It is all set up and displayed so great. I love how you have the necklaces displayed on the frame. I have a project similar to that to put up on my bathroom cabinet to hang my necklaces and earrings. So they're not just all over the counter.
    Good Luck with your show.

  5. I would be in heaven to find a booth like yours to go wonder in and find all of the treasures! sorry you didn't do well at your show.... people just don't have the money any more to buy like they want to... that has to be the only reason you did not sell out! Hope all is doing well with you my friend!!!


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