Wednesday, July 23, 2008

heading out tomorrow

dillon and i are headin out tomorrow for the Falcon Ridge Folk Festival , in Hillsdale, NY. it is being held on Dodd's farm. should be very interesting! i've never been to a folk festival before, but dillon's girlfriend, Abby and her family go every year. Abby and her family left today and she called dillon earlier to tell him that it was torrential downpouring and they had not been able to get onto the farm to set up the campsite. as a matter of fact, all they can do is just sit in their car! we haven't heard from them this evening, but i would like to know what 's going on with the weather. i think we will still forge on tomorrow. i'm packing my rain boots though!


  1. Have a safe and wonderful trip. Enjoy this special time with Dillon!

  2. I hope you enjoy sunny skies and some dry weather. Travel safely.


  3. It sounds like an adventure just waiting to the stories for your blog!

  4. Have fun at the folk festival, sounds fun if the weather will cooperate!!! Took time this evening to catchup on your are such a productive artist, can you teach us all in a workshop how to be that productive??? Pleeeeze? can't wait to hear about the festival and see your pics!-Sandra


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