Sunday, May 27, 2012

a quick visit with Carrie

On my way to Monterey, I did a quick stop over to visit with art friend, Carrie, of Hip Chick Designs. We've been facebook friends and then met up in person at Artfest.

Her store is just wonderful! It's located in Benicia, CA. Her shoppe (along with other artists) is located down by the water in what use to be naval facility buildings. She took me on a quick tour to see who the other tenants were and for our tour, we both wore tutus. (Carrie is known for putting friends and even strangers into tutus).

I bought a wonderful HUGE book from Carrie (she's wrapping it up in one of the pics). It's a bound book of the New York Times newspaper circa 1936. I can't wait to use it in collage.


just to let you know, Carrie, is teaching a couple of classes for Art is You in Benicia. One of her classes is how to make these fabulous wings! If I was going, I would definitely take this class, because I always need another pair of wings!


  1. Kecia, Love coming by your blog to visit! You tell such wonderful stories with your photos! Love you in the tutu! :)

  2. this was awesome, thank you for the shout out girl. I miss you already.

  3. WOW. Love the wings! And Monterey, too. Haven't been there in over 10 years, you made me really miss it! Glad you had such a nice visit.


  4. I love your blog, and your travel pics, and tutus!!! Thank you for sharing.


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