Friday, June 1, 2012


after saying goodbye to Carrie, I drove to Monterey, where I was staying for 2 days. I use to live in Monterey when I was a young girl (my dad was stationed there) and I have fond memories of the area. the last time I was there was about 9 years ago when Dillon was 10 and we did a month long journey of driving up and down the coast; ending up in Las Vegas where we spent 2 nights at The Luxor (his choice) - as Dillon was born in Las Vegas.

my arrival in Monterey was met by COLD weather and high winds. the sand from the dunes was streaming across the highway. It was fierce. I arrived in time for dinner and then I hit the hay, as I was exhausted. The next day i drove all around Monterey. I went to the aquarium, went beach combing, drove through Pacific Grove and along the 17 mile drive to Carmel. Such a beautiful area.



  1. wonderful photos! i had a boyfriend years ago whose father lived in half moon bay and we drove up from la to see him and went to monterey and the images of that trip are still so clear to me to this day. i just loved every inch of their aquarium! thanks for sharing all your great adventures. xo natalea

  2. These photographs are amazing! What a gorgeous country we live in. Thanks for sharing so much of it with us.

  3. I'm a new fan...taking your artful gatherings workshop. We probably passed each other on Hwy 1...I stopped in the same places you did on the same day...also Morro Bay, Cambria, and Cayukos where I went to a Peddlers Faire and found some great old bottles and old dress patterns. Even headed east across the mountains to the 5. I love your photos as much as your jewelry! Looking forward to the workshop!

  4. I just love all of your nature and beach pics! Beautiful!


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