Monday, May 21, 2012

solar eclipse

Today for the first time in 18 years, an annular eclipse was visible in the U.S.
An annular eclipse covers only part of the sun, producing what looks like a giant ring of fire.
see some great pictures here. We had a family bbq, so it was fun to view it with other people.

It was very bright and sunny here in Nevada, so we didn't get a dark out affect. but it did get darker and the birds got quite still and quiet. And by dark, I should say it got gray/overcast looking.
we made a pin hole camera to cast a shadow onto a plate to see more accurately what things looked like in the sky. 

then we noticed that the what was happening up in the sky was casting shadows onto my dads fencing. So first we could  see the moon as a crescent. and then when it completely covered the sun, the shadows became circles. very cool.



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  1. We didn't get the full effect here, but it was still quite beautiful, sparkly and pink!


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