Friday, May 18, 2012

Art is Tree

I'm up here in Reno where I taught 2 classes at friend, Nancy Nelson's shoppe, ArtisTree. Her shoppe is very cool. Love the style, decor, classroom. It just screams creativity. 

Through Nancy, I met her sweet friend, Ginny. Ginny surprised me here in Reno, by putting me up in a suite at The Eldorado hotel which is owned by her husband. She's been spoiling me left and right and I must confess, I'm enjoying it. After working hard for months to prepare for this trip and then the long drive, I'm just a little tired! So it's been lovely to be here. Sunday I head back to Fallon for 2 more days with my dad. We are having a family BBQ and i'll need to repack the car before heading onto my next destination (northern California, Ferndale, where I went to elementary and 1 year of high school).

Yesterday I had some free time before class, so Nancy sent me over to a fabulous store called, Junkee. She just knew I'd love it. Indeed!

class samples

my suite at The Eldorado

such a cool store- clothing exchange and antiques in one!

the dressing rooms - it's like being in a theater!


I also made a quick trip over to say hi to someone that is very important to our family.
This is the man that work 5 long, hard years to successfully settle our malpractice lawsuit. Sitting on a shelf in his office are the champagne corks from the celebratory victory. This man means the world to me. (the lawsuit was settled in 1995. this is the first time i've seen him since we moved from the west coast to the east coast 17 years ago.)


  1. wow....what i wouldn't give for some more "art" time with you ladies again! it's lonely in my studio..... :)

  2. What great photos! Brings back some great memories of being with you, Kecia, and Ginny and Nancy. And the class looked fabulous! So fun to create with wonderful, giving women! Miss all of you and can't wait until we can get together again!

  3. Nancy and Ginny were great. They were at the same table as Robin and I. They told the most amazing stories when we ate dinner together. Crazy ladies and lots of fun! Your room is fabulous!

    Sure wish you lived closer. Loved the necklace class you taught. Wish you could/would teach on line!

    Can't wait to hear more about your adventure! silly sal


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