Wednesday, May 16, 2012

over the river and through the woods

I've left my mom's house in Bass Lake and am now in Fallon, Nevada, where my dad lives. Mom lives near Yosemite National Park, so I decided to drive through the park to get to the other side (saving much time!)
It was a beautiful ride through the park and I stopped many times for photos. It was nice because the park was not crowded. The ride was long though and sometimes, I felt like I was the only person on the road! 
I had to drive over the Tioga pass and have to admit that I wasn't so fond of the downhill part. It was winding roads with no guard rails. (harrowing is how i like to describe it!) Not my favorite kind of driving. My brakes started smoking when I finally got to the bottom, so I had to pull over for about an hour to let them cool off. Then I hosed them down and was on my merry way again. 
Today I head to Reno where I am meeting up with crazy girls Nancy and Ginny. I am teaching 2 classes at Nancy's shop and then we will spend 2 days playing.


  1. You are definitely seeing some beautiful sites! Great pictures - thanks so much for sharing. Have FUN in Reno!

  2. wow, smoking breaks! NOT a road I should EVER be scary! I live by flat Kansas in almost flat Oklahoma...and I like my roads that way :o)

    Beautiful pics!

  3. Yosemite is on my bucket list. Thank you for the beautiful photos!

    Have fun and keep safe!!

  4. Yosemite takes my breath away with its beauty ~ I want to get back there one of these days. Your photos are fantastic! Have fun in Reno teaching your class and on your two fun days! What a wonderful adventure you are on ~ so glad you're sharing it with us. :)


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