Wednesday, May 2, 2012

fun around Lisa's magic house

Lisa has kindly had me stay at her house for more than  a "few" days. She's got shows coming up, things going on - so i know it's not always convenient to have a guest more than a few days, so bless her! we've been having so much fun. We are very compatible, which is great considering we've only met online. We have found that we like the same clothes, have the same similar decor style, pick up the same things at antique stores/thrift store, find almost exact items in our closets, etc. We've been  painting, thrifting, grabbing Baskins Robbins ice cream (my favorite!) and more. 

On the outside, Lisa's magic house is encased in sweet smelling roses. Talk about "stop and smell the roses". My favorite is a purple rose that she has growing in her back yard. It is luscious and aromatic. Yum!




 One day we spent antiquing and thrifting. it was such a fun day. for dinner, we decided that we'd wear outfits from the thrift store. it was really fun and we looked great!


doing a little painting together:



Lisa cooked a special dinner for moi- Quiche for Keesh- yum!

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  1. Wonderful Time Spent playing, creating and getting to know you better! So happy we have had this time! Emily and I have just loved every minute! xo


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