Wednesday, August 4, 2010

through the garden gate

Early this morning i was out in the garden watering and decided to bring my camera. it's been awhile since i took photos of my garden. the butterflies were quite active this morning; fluttering around the butterfly bush to drink their fill before moving on.

it's this butterfly just beautiful? when i was photographing this butterfly, a hummingbird swooped in and scared him off (and startled me too!) i think he was very curious about me as he just hovered in front of me for a few seconds staring at me. i tried to get my camera out of my left hand to get his pic, but then off he went! we don't see too many hummers here - so that was a real treat for today.

a window's view into my world

gigantic perennial hibiscus - such delicate beauty.

my bird bath waiting for that little black bird to come and take his daily bath.


a worn and weathered angel - i say she's done a good job watching over my gardens


broken beauty with new life and love


these icky webs are all over the yard. i prefer the intricate spun ones


brand new blooms on my hydrangea. Did you know the Victorian meaning behind the hydrangea was perseverance?


tiny, sweet little blue eyed susan


found this little visitor behind one of my chair cushions on the back deck. i often find them here because it is cool and moist. i like to gently spray water back there for them to drink and stay cool.


just a reminder:

tomorrow is flea market friday again!
feel free to show off our cool vintage finds from the flea market, garage sale, thrift or antique store.

the rules of participation:

1) you don't have to have gone to a flea market on friday - you can show off any wonderful treasures that you have found any time while at the flea market, junking antiquing or thrift store.
2) please mention Lemoncholy's Flight of Fancy's Flea Market Friday in your blog post and link back to this post.
3) this is a blog hop to meet other bloggers, so please no links if you are just trying to advertise your site. if you'd like to talk to me about sponsoring your flea market website, feel free to email me.

*see you tomorrow!


  1. Your entire house, inside and out, is just a wonderful haven. Your garden is beatiful.

  2. Kecia, pictures are breathtaking!! It is tooo hot for me to walk around my garden this morning!! So what a pleasure it was to sit inside in the ac this morning and peek into your little world!! Thank you for sharing!! It was a nice way to start the day!!!

  3. Incredible pictures Kecia. Each and every one is a work of art!


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