Sunday, May 31, 2009

porch party

this is the metal homemade bookcase/cabinet that i picked up yesterday. it looks like its always been here. i thought i'd take some other pictures of my back porch for you to enjoy. there is a hook over the cabinet, so i'll pick up a hanging basket of flowers, which i think will look really nice.

this is a pair of shutters i picked up yesterday for $20.

and here is the potting bench i also got yesterday. the guy who makes them is retiring. he said this is the last one. he and his wife are really cool. they live down south in a town called, "Tuckerton". he is selling off his wood pieces, so me and jeff (jane wants to go too!) are going to go see what he has.

close up on potting bench. i put some of my precious sea balls in the enamel bowl on top there. (it's sunk in). because we get so much rain, we are going to try and find something to cover it with during rain and winter.


the dress form i got yesterday

a paper mache bust also found yesterday. i have some vintage metal flower curtain tie back pin that i will poke into the bust and then hang my necklaces from there.
* a couple of you wanted to know how i got all these items back home: we live quite close to this flea market, so jeff and dillon drove over and picked up one load. then jeff came back later and picked us girls up. then jane and i returned with the truck to get the tin shed. it was light weight and easily slid into the back of jeff's truck.
i just got invited to participate in a porch party. stop by Rose Colored Glasses to see all the participants.


  1. Holy Moly! Did you have a U-haul with you? You made some seriously fabulous big scale scores! LOVE those dress forms!!

    Your garden is just amazing, Kecia. It's so inviting.

    Take care,

  2. I am so wanting to find a dress form .... maybe your luck will rub off on this reader/admirer! Any advice regarding what I should pay?

  3. What great finds and I love your porch. Did I spot a Rug Doll in one of the photos, cute pussy.

  4. Wow, you really scored. I love, love your back porch. So inviting and you have decorated it beautifully!

  5. Oh, your porch is a Creative's dream. I love your new potting bench. Stop by if you get a chance, and find a link to a blogging friend who is having a Porch Party tomorrow and your porch would be a lovely addition.

    Nice to meet you, I love your blog. I found you through Twitter.


  6. I love everything you have done. I just want to curl up in one of those comfy chairs.


  7. What a wonderful porch - you have some amazing pieces on your porch. I love the shutters, the potting bench and dress forms. I wish I could go shopping with you - you find the best things!

    I hope you have time to visit my porch party today.

  8. I could spend hours on your porch! I was also at the Ocean Grove flea market on Saturday. You seem to have found some of the best stuff. Nice to meet another Jersey Shore girl.

  9. Oh my!!! I am inlove with your porch.... How wonderful. I wish I could re-create your space in my own back yard but it would probably take a miracle... LOL! Thank you for inviting me. It was an honor!

  10. What wonderful, wonderful finds! Love that piece with the little roof, and I wish I could find that man who makes the garden benches before he goes out of business! Love all of your fun, whimsical things. Great job!

    Happy Porch Party...


    Sheila :-)

  11. wow, who wouldnt just want to hangout all day and play at your house!! xox

  12. What great finds! I think we New Jersey girls are pretty darned creative and good at finding what we need and want. . . and don't let anyone get between us and a bargain or a treasure!

    My daughter got a dress form 2 summers ago at an auction near here; love yours, too!

    Great post! Great porch too.

  13. that haul is quite a score! and it all looks like it was meant to be.. right there...

    we'll i'll look forward to seeing it someday... wink wink... that's me inviting myself!

    it looks like a great space to exhale... indeed

  14. I love your porch. Everything is so inspiring and so creative. The potting bench is a treasure. Your new finds are wonderful. I love it all and the dress form is a terrific find. I am looking for one at the moment.
    So enjoyed your lovely blog
    Nice to meet you.
    Have wonderful week.
    Celestina Marie

  15. Hi! Nice to meet you! I love your blog I am now following your updates on Twitter and your blog, too! just lovely porch you have!
    fun and cottage things! I love them!

    visit me anytime...

    Marina at Only cute things from so far!

  16. wow...i love your outdoor space with all the wonderful vintage finds!
    and your new dress form is perfection!
    have a wonderful day.

  17. What a lot of great items you got on the weekend. Your porch space is so great. I love all the wonderful treasures you've found and how you've displayed them. It has such a comfortable feeling to it. Thanks for joining the party.
    Hugs, Rhondi

  18. WOWEE!! What awesome finds! Hope you can come by and sit a spell on my back porch.

    Back Porch Blessings,

  19. What a beautiful back porch you have! Thanks for showing it off. I would love to sit out there too! It looks so cozy.


  20. I'm having heart palpitations after seeing your potting bench! I love it :)

    Your whole porch is inviting and looks so homey. Thank you for joining the party so we could see it.


  21. Wow, you are a fantastic shopper. I need to hang with you.

    Your outdoor area is the epitome of charm and style. Everywhere I look is absolutely fascinating.

    Thank you for inviting me.

  22. What beatiful pieces of furniture you picked up for your porch.Love the potting table.What a shame the guy who made it is retiring.The metal bookcase is wonderful too.Your porch is really magnificent.

  23. Wow!! Soooo many wonderful things!! So many ideas for inspiration! Thank you! What a wonderful escape for relaxation.

    I enjoyed your Porch Party!

  24. Your porch is amazing with all the wonderful "old" recycled treasures you have used. I really, really enjoyed looking at your photos. You have some truly great things and I love how you used them.
    Jean in Virginia

  25. you have such a beautiful relaxing porch...and man you are so lucky to find those things at the fleamarket..i love the potting shed AND the dress form...

  26. he items you purchase at the flea markets and then how you made use of them... To walk thru your hhouse and yard has to be a inspiring time! Thank you Kecia for all of the sharing you do of your art and your family!


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